Being a Pet Parent

Being a pet parent




I may not be a parent in the classic sense of the word. There are no babies or little humans running around my home (just yet) but I am a parent to three furry babies (generally with 4 legs, except for one who only has three). And I am proud to call myself a pet parent.

Now I can already see a few of your faces looking at me like I’ve lost the plot. Not everyone “gets” being a pet parent. But that’s ok. If you see a dog as just being a dog then the way some people (including myself) treat our dogs might seem a little odd and a bit bizarre. It’s not really that different though. Your phone might contain photo after photo of your children whereas my phone is littered with photos of my fur babies. And I show them off to everyone, just like you would with photos of your children!

And just as some people might not quite understand being a pet parent, I know there will be many of you smiling as you read this because you know exactly what I mean!

If you’re not a dog lover then you might not quite realise the similarities between being a parent to little humans and being a parent to little fur-babies. My dogs mean the absolute world to me and they are just as much a part of my family as any human (including the husband!). I talk to them and yes they each have their own little voice to talk back to me. I sing them happy birthday, I cuddle them when they’re scared, they sleep on my bed, they get to eat (safe) human food as an extra special treat. Such as ice cream! They come on holiday with me, I miss them when I’m not with them and I look forward to coming home to them. I love getting cuddles and kisses, my heart melts when they pull a cute face. And they make me smile. Always and without fail.

Even when I’ve had simply the worst day, seeing their happy loving faces and getting climbed all over and covered in slobbery kisses just can’t fail to brighten my mood. You can’t stay sad when your surrounded by the love of a beastie. If everyone would embrace the happy go lucky nature of dogs and the loyal undying love they have then the world would be such a better place.

And just like children, dogs can be naughty too. Like, really naughty. My chewed staircase is testament to that. They’re cheeky, they push boundaries, they can even answer you back when you’re telling them off. They also appear to occasionally suffer from that well-known illness called selective hearing. It’s usually more prominent when food is nearby, or they see a cat or something smells nice. That just so happens to be the time that their hearing coincidentally fails them. How convenient. Are my dogs perfectly behaved? Absolutely not. But then is anyone ever perfectly behaved all the time? Either way they’re perfect to me.


They each have their own individual personalities. Lenny is adorable and sensitive. He follows me everywhere, he absolutely loves cuddles and smiles like a Cheshire cat (don’t tell him that though!). Evie is sweet but sassy. She is the boss of the boys, she loves to wrestle and play tug of war. She also snores really loudly! And Leo is the lovable clown. He is daft and cheeky, he loves his cuddly toys, loves to play, run round, chase things (including me) and generally just a bit of a loon!

Sadly there is a downside to being a pet parent.

The absolutely heart breaking truth is that our fur babies just can’t live as long as us. And that truly is a gutting reality. If you are a pet parent then you will totally understand the pain of losing one of your pooches. It really is awful. Our beasties are such a big part of our lives that it’s so hard to say goodbye to them. But they will always be a part of the family.


Dogs aren’t called man’s best friend for no reason. There’s an unexplainable bond between a dog and their human and that bond will never be broken. It’s like they just know. They know when you’re happy, sad, anxious or excited. All the emotions we feel it’s like they feel it too. My pooches want to look after and protect me (especially from the big mean postman. He gets barked at every day without fail) and I would do absolutely anything to protect them. They are my family and my world.

You may call me crazy. But I call myself a proud pet parent. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.