Being a Pet Parent

Being a pet parent     I may not be a parent in the classic sense of the word. There are no babies or little humans running around my home (just yet) but I am a parent to three furry babies (generally with 4 legs, except for one who only has three). And I...

The Power Of Print

    Take Your Family Time Travelling - Print your photographs   I’ll be honest, the digital era scares me.   And that’s coming from someone who relies on technology for a living! Don't get my wrong, I think technology itself is incredible and we have...

Badly Behaved Dogs

Badly behaved dogs is something I hear a lot as to why people are worried about booking a dog photo shoot. But I want to let you in to a little secret... no dog is perfect. Well that's a lie, they're all perfect to us but they might not be perfectly trained. And...

Cute pet photo Essex

Is Professional Photography Worth It?

I’d like to take a few moments to explain why my prices are higher than what you might find in many high street and on-line stores. By booking a photo session with me; you’re not just paying for a few prints on a piece of paper but you’re purchasing a custom made...



I take photos of your pets for you to remember their delightful personalities forever. Whether it’s a new puppy, a middle-aged doggo or an old pup close to the end, I create memories of you and your babies for you. You can also be in the photos – you’re just as important! I’m also a wedding photographer, so I can photograph people just as well as dogs! They’re just not usually as well behaved!


“Over the moon with my picture of my puppy Lexi. Francesca really caught my pup’s character and got some cheeky ones too. Such a lovely lady who really cares about what she does.”